“Who ELSE Wants To Take Their Home Inspection Company From Barely Surviving to
$777,763 In 2 Years???…”

Smart Direct Response Flyers Is How I Did It

Hi, Preston Sandlin here, owner of Home Inspection Carolina in Charlotte, North Carolina (http://www.homeinspectioncarolina.com). I was once a struggling one man firm having a hard time keeping my schedule full, I did what EVERY OTHER HOME INPSPECTOR DID. I had flyers and cards made and went around to the offices and passed them out. I got marginal results; I was just another shell on a beach full of home inspectors. It dawned on me that if I wanted to fill my schedule I was going to have to be a pearl among all those shells.


I started studying some of the most successful copy ads and copy writers of all time and by this I mean some ad copy that has been proven to sell. I became a home inspection copywriter.

Your schedule will fill up if you use these effective flyers. You can use them in direct mail campaigns or like we do, by putting them directly in the realtors’ boxes. Your new flyers should focus on how your company will make the realtors life easier. The #1 rule in marketing is “What’s In It For Them?” You will not only get sales pitch flyers but recipe flyers as well. (You don’t want to constantly “hit them” with sales pitch flyers)

Sample Sales Flyer
Sample Sales Flyer

While we are talking what’s in it for you, WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU????

  • You get access to our ever growing library of professionally written home inspection copy ads and recipes
  • You get 5 new flyers each month
  • We will add 3 new sales flyers and 2 recipes monthly and you are emailed when they are up
  • You get access to a member’s only forum where members can exchange marketing ideas

One Flyer could easily be valued at $30. If a home inspector’s time on average is worth $100 per hour, you would have to be able to create a flyer in under 20 minutes for it to be worth your time. If a $30 flyer led to only one sale you would receive at least a 10-fold return on your investment.

At a value of $30 each, then 5 flyers a month is worth $150. By becoming a member of our site, you will receive 5 Flyers for only $29.99. This is less than the price of ONE FLYER – and you are getting FIVE!

Now, once you are a member, you will also be able to buy additional flyers for only $10. This is 2/3 off or a savings of almost 70% which is an additional benefit of being a member.

You get all this for only $29.99 a month; and you can cancel at any time. Now, I know you could study copywriting techniques and make your own flyers. It takes 1-3 hours per ad, even for the best copywriters to write. You get 5 professionally written flyers a month for $29.99. That is less than $6.00 per flyer. IS YOUR TIME WORTH MORE THAN $6.00 per hour or $29.99 for 5 hours? If so and you want a enormous increase in sales

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  • Note the flyers come as swipe files in Microsoft Publisher, and all you will need to do is replace the contact information, logos, and testimonials with your own.
  • If you want us to put in your testimonials, information, and logos you will need to email us that information and we will perform that service for an additional $5.99 per flyer.
  • We process orders through Paypal. Your account will be debited monthly for your subscription.

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Sample Sales Flyer
Sample Sales Flyer

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